About us

In 1951, the late, Mr Herwig Byttebier founded "Houthandel Gebroeders Byttebier" after he split off his father's company, located in Kortrijk. Afterwards, he moved to Lier, and ten years later his company was renamed "Houthandel Herwig Byttebier".

In 1986 his youngest son, Kris Byttebier took over the company that since then bears the name "Byttebier Hout". The countless business trips to Indonesia and Africa, a healthy portion of ambition and his growing interest in wood and forestry made sure the company has grown from a local timber trader to a noteworthy wholesaler with an import and export department.

It was a deliberate choice not to lose track of the company spirit of "Houthandel Herwig Byttebier". The smaller companies weren't forgotten and can still count on our services. With at one side our production and retail department plus on the other side our import and export department, Byttebier Hout can maintain a perfect service to each potential customer.

After more than 60 years, our company knows that the strongest bond a company can wish for is family!

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