Outside decking

A hardwood terrace or patio is unique; it’s stylish, highly esthetic, and evokes a feeling of warmth. Wood is the most natural choice when you are looking for a cozy and pleasant outside environment.

Contrary to stone, wood does not feel cold to the touch when you’re walking barefoot, and when it receives direct sunlight; it never gets burning hot either. In addition, for a stone terrace, you need a more elaborate substructure than for a wooden terrace.


Over time, you’ll often notice a change in the wood color; it gradually fades and becomes grey. This change is caused by sunrays, and does not affect the overall quality of the wood. By applying a particular color that wards off UV-rays, you’ll be able to avoid color fading.


It may be possible that, after several years, your decking starts to lose some of its appeal due to color fading, occasional stains, moss or even dents. However, when you choose for planed boards, you can always have them re-sanded to restore them to their former glory!


Normally, it suffices to use a garden hose to clean the wood. But sometimes, the problem lies a bit deeper - literally. Most wooden decks are fixed to a substructure of boards (called joists). Since wood can expand and shrink over time, it’s recommended to frequently readjust or re-secure the fastenings to the substructure.


There are a number of things to take into account when ordering a wooden decking with us. If you wish to know more, please have a look at ‘ our approach.