Environment and certificates

In recent years, timber has become increasingly popular as a building material, partly owing to its ecological qualities. After all, when it comes to environmental impact, no building material can match the qualities of wood. It’s durable, widely available and it’s the only renewable resource.

Timber should be considered as an ecological resource, because it releases oxygen and retains CO2, lowering the CO2-concentration in the air. A product that is manufactured out of timber therefore isn’t just nice to look at; it’s also an actual CO2 container.


The origin of timber is an important factor. As of 2013, every importer of timber in Europe is obligated to hold the FLEGT-license. This license guarantees that the wood comes from a legal source, thus inhibiting illegal deforestation.

When you buy timber at Byttebier Hout, you’ll know that everything has been imported according to the strict EU-guidelines (FLEGT, TIMBER, EUTR, …) and that we have all the necessary licenses.


By choosing for FSC® C008551, PEFC, OLB or TLVT certified timber; you’ll be sure that the wood comes from a durably and ecologically managed source. These licenses complete the ecological story. You can find more information on the ecological advantages of wood here (Dutch and French).

Source: Woodforum, ‘ecologie en bosbeheer’, internet, consulted on 27 th of august 2014, http://www.woodforum.be/nl/waarom-hout/ecologie-en...


We have made a separate firm for the trading of our PEFC and FSC-labeled timber. This sister firm provides a clear distinction between our certified timber products.


You visit the Hardhouthandel website  here.